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Homebrew: Install Old Version Of Gradle

Command brew install{commit_hash}/Formula/gradle.rb List of commit hash List of commit hash 79f34e98c3f3bdf1164cfc2af01187b278176090 gradle 6.1 (#49059) b90a59ed6542f4de54c8d8e1b8b61becc00ca66e gradle 6.0.1 ca08d3c78a9a8f4e6a5249389442ebcb962eea0d gradle 6.0 (#46523) be6b82f442d8a72170bde83b2b2e79a66f342259 gradle 5.6.4 (#46090) d38412e5787aea072319c09ba6557dc58592e847 gradle 5.6.3 (#45498) ff9eb9e79f6ee4c5636e85ab67cb551e3a430221 gradle 5.6.2 (#43905) c09ff3f2cfef6ec8b14c2bd22a01ea438f615cff gradle 5.6.1 (#43528) 5b33b4ee81efc4c0d6187bd32b2d3c1401bfdc9e gradle 5.6 70cfae2f21908d936f2cb87e71bf4c68b4e89ea6 gradle 5.5.1 (#41828) 783b91c0aa72719e580bbfde633cbfa86d8cda40 gradle 5.5 (#41432) 639b4c8d71af8cae918d771c1a990ae128f94777 gradle 5.4.1 dc3c3869462065f0139ede3407bcdf7de1088273 gradle […]

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Remove Git Submodule

Have you ever tried Git submodule for your project? And then you found that it’s annoying to build CI/CD with it?Instead of using Git submodule, it’s better to create the submodule as NPM package. Here is how to remove Git submodule from project: Reference: Manual and cleaner way: Delete the section referring to the […]

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