Less Google

November 28, 2019

I used to love Google. Don’t Be Evil, that was their initial motto.
But now they are growing so big. They become greedy. They want to be the main part of your life. But I cannot deny some of their products are great.

Looks how many products they have, I only mention what I’m using now:
– Gmail
There are many other alternatives for email service. Try Protonmail!
– Android (inlcuding their apps, and recently their assistant which turned on by default!!!!)
Oh Android always like sh*t. How many virus apps they have in their PlayStore? How many privacy issue they have?
– Google Chrome
Chrome was nice. But not anymore. Try Safari (MacOS only), Firefox, Brave.
– Google search engine
There are a couple of alternative search engines available. But honestly they are not good enough. Usually I’m using DuckDuckGo, if I don’t like the result then I switched to Google. But I believe it’s just about “get used to” issue.
– Google Maps
Usually I’m using phone for Google Maps. iOS maps app is getting better, hopefully it will close the gap. Link for Google Maps alternatives.
– Google Drive
This one is very good toolss with its integration with Gmail and Google Docs. Still difficult to get rid of it. But for simple cloud storage there are some alternatives available such as Dropbox, One Drive, etc. Check this link.

From that products, remember what is Google main business? It is ADVERTISING.
To provide interesting ads to a person, you need the accurate information about the person, as much as you can get.
Once you have Google in your device, you don’t know what it can do silently. MAYBE no difference than Faceb**k which I delete about 10 years ago.

Google knows when you have a new phone! Hey Google I never ask you to send me this kind of sh*t.
Oh sorry, because you send it to yourself (Gmail), you can do anything you want, eh?
Google apps installation email

WTF about this Google Software update? (well, there is an explanation out there on the internet)
Google Software update on MacOS

I will start remove the usage for my personal account for Gmail, Google Chrome, Android, Google Maps.
Totally stop Google search and Google Drive still need some time. The Google Drive has nice collaboration tools.
And Google search is still too good to replace because they always giving me the accurate result. But that’s scary! What if they show you only what they want to show you?
And now they want to manage your vacation (Google Trips) lol

Some informative articles (searched using DuckDuckGo):